Recent Used Files


Advanced Recent Access  v.1.0

Advanced Recent Access is designed to see and open your recent used resources (files and directories). Key features: can see more properties of the recent resources, such as path, size, type, date modified, date accessed and date created. And more.

System Cleanup  v.1.7.501

Find and remove temporary, cache, history and backup files on all your local drives. System Cleanup can protect recent used files. Folders can be manually added to an exclude list to protect files and improve disc reading speed.


Recent Files List Software

Open recently used files. Make list of recently used files. Save results as text file.

TaskTracker™  v.

This software manages the creation dates of your recent files, times they were modified and sort them by name, type or date. It saves your time by searching your most used files instead of searching for them yourself.

Windows Garbage Collector  v.2.00

A decent little tool that has the potential to clean quite a bit from your system, and can even automatically compress little-used files to make them occupy less disk space.

MyNet Privacy

Protect your privacy with MyNetPrivacy deleting URL's from the internet explorer addresses bar,you can choose what url want to delete, clear your recent search files, delete one or more recentfiles from Windows Media Player and more!

Ticno Planner  v.

Ticno Planner helps you to organize your tasks so that you would have enough time to do everything! Equally useful for personal and business purposes. Multibar creates an index of commonly used files and folder to allow instant search over them.

Hard Disk Tune-Up  v.

Usual activities that are performed by you every day on you computer don't pass unnoticed for your system. Day by day fragments of used files accumulate your hard drive slowing its' performance and increasing risk of system failure.

Win Menu 2000  v.3 22

Manage all your most used files, Internet Shortcuts and drives. It will run all your old DOS programs and new windows utilities. Configure by Drag & Drop to menu bar or use the feature packed setup program to access all theadvanced features.

MRU Clear  v.1.6

You view and clear the Windows MRU Lists. You delete the traces in windows system. Windows saves the last used files and carried out functions of every user. These lists are not saved in a file but in the registry. Every User can view the

UberMask  v.1.1

Use UberMask to hide your precious data from curious eyes.

All My Documents  v.1.2

Manage all your recently used files, folders and even applications and have them just a click away.

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